The Majestic Krewe of Aurora is the founding Krewe of Mardi Gras Southeast Texas.
Activities include Krewe Socials, the Grand Ball and the Grand Parade.

Proud Sponsor of the Aurora Grand Ball


Mardi Gras Weekend

On Procter Street Downtown Port Arthur, Texas
Parades, Carnival Rides, Concerts, Food Vendors,
Arts & Crafts Booths  and Much More

Jerrilynn Miller and Ricky Hollier

King & Queen Aurora XXVI


As plans for the first Mardi Gras of Southeast Texas event developed, it became apparent to the organizers that the need for a founding krewe existed; thus the Majestic Krewe of Aurora was created. Mardi Gras of Southeast Texas, Inc. and Aurora were organized simultaneously in 1992.

The Majestic Krewe of Aurora (MKA) derives its name from the Roman mythological figure, Aurora, called the goddess of dawn. Aurora also means bright flashing lights as well as the dawn of the day. The name Aurora commemorates the first settlement of the Port Arthur area in 1837 when early settlers observed the magical luminous sunrise over Sabine Lake and named the town Aurora.

Aurora members number several hundred and are a culturally diverse group representing a broad age range. A member-elected Board of Directors governs the Majestic Krewe of Aurora. MKA’s primary purpose is to promote and celebrate the Mardi Gras season in Southeast Texas. The krewe has the responsibility of staging and managing the downtown carnival in Port Arthur.

Aurora’s Grand Ball is an elegant and exciting extravaganza like none other. There are no tickets to purchase, this privilege is a benefit for members and sponsors only. Watch as the reigning Aurora King & Queen pass their crowns to the incoming King & Queen, while the Royal Court promenades in lavish mardi gras costumes with unbelievably large and beautiful feather back-pieces, that are custom designed for the current year’s theme. As others have stated many times “You don’t want to miss the Aurora’s Grand Ball!”
And let’s not forget to mention the Aurora Grand Parade which is always held on Saturday night. This parade rolls along the seawall and onto Procter Street. A two mile parade with area marching bands, drill teams and 25 or more illuminated New Orleans-style floats with theme decorated icons carrying costumed Krewe members and sponsors who toss mardi gras beads, cups, doubloons, and trinkets in abundance to the crowd below. It is a spectacular and exciting parade in Grand style !

Throughout the season the Krewe of Aurora Royalty and members participate in various social and civic activities providing entertainment for service organizations, visiting Naval personnel, nursing homes and schools. Krewe of Aurora also participates in the Royalty Parade on carnival weekend and the annual Twelfth Night and Fat Tuesday Celebrations.    As you can see Aurora’s on the move and you can join with us at anytime, as we celebrate the Mardi Gras season. Call Captain, Laura Childress at the Mardi Gras Office at 409-721-8717 or email her at if you would like more information.


OFFICERS | 2018-2019

Laura Childress | Captain | 5/30/18-19

Leslie Ruiz | Co-Captain | 5/30/18-19

Cynthia Hinds | Ball Captain | 5/30/18-19

Lisa New | Secretary | 5/30/18-19

Marianne Petry | Co-Captain | 5/30/18-19

Floyd Marceaux | Treasurer | 5/30/18-19

Daniel Ruiz  |  Co-Captain  |  5/30/18-19

DIRECTORS | 2018-2019

Heather Alexander   |  Director | 5/30/18-19

Brittany Lytle |Director |               5/30/18-19

Jerrilynn Miller | Director | 5/30/18-19

Brad Becker   |   Director    |    5/30/18-19

Karla Lozano |  Director  | 5/30/18-19

Carrie Queen Garcia  |  Director |  5/30/18-19

COMMITTEES | 2018-2019

FLOAT & PARADE COMMITTEE    |  5/30/18-19

Front Row : Bill Broussard, Matt Broussard, Ronnie Broussard,

Back Row: Mike Milstead, Rusty Benoit, Michael Palermo, Donnie Dale

AURORA SEAMSTRESS,              MARIE BROUSSARD  | 5/30/18-19


Cynthia Hinds  | Ball Captain | 5/30/18-19



Jan Walker  |  Communications Director  | 5/30/18-19



Tori Tinsley  |  Aurora Lights Coordinator |  5/30/18-19


Laura & Glyndon Childress

Cynthia & Kenneth Hinds

Karla & Gabe Lozano

Carrie & Jessie Garcia

Brendie & Gene Dupuis

Lenzi & Lamar Belcher

Julie & Tim Lucas

Laci & Brad Becker

Daniel & Leslie Ruiz

Crystal and Roger Ply

Jason & Amy Hinds

Brittany Lytle & Steffan Milligan

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3830 Hwy. 365
Port Arthur, Texas 77642

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